VanillaBox Console is still very early in development right now. Please report any issues to Our Discord. Thanks!
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VanillaBox Console

A free lightweight app that lets you quickly test out Unity runtime features. And because it’s built with OneJS, you’ll have the full power of Typescript, (P)React, and Live Reload at your fingertips.

The Console (headless) version tailors to coders. An UI version is in-the-works that will bring node-based texture and mesh authoring. If you are interested in what's to come, please follow @Singtaa.

v230225b (Win 48MB)
The exe file for Windows is signed, but the digital sig of my company (DragonGround LLC) is so new, it may trigger the Windows Defender dialog. There's nothing I can do to remedy this in the short term. The warning will go away as more people use the app.


Download the Zip file and extract the content anywhere you wish.

Getting Started

  • 1) Run VanillaBox Console.exe. First time running this will also generate the Scripts folder in the same directory.
  • 2) Open the Scripts folder in VSCode, and make sure tsc is running/watching (Ctrl+Shift+B or Cmd+Shift+B and choose tsc: watch - tsconfig.json)
  • 3) Make an "entry.ts" file Under the Addons folder and test away!
Every entry.ts(x) file under Addons will be live-loaded by VanillaBox Console.


Here are some simple commands available in VanillaBox Console.

  • clean Destroy all user-created GameObjects in the scene.
  • clear Clears the Console logs.
  • cwd Outputs the current working directory.
  • load FILE Load the specified .js file.
  • ls DIR List contents in the specified directory.
  • reload FILE? Reload everything. If a file path is provided, change entry file to that.
You can also create your own commands by using the register() function from "console/cmd". See cmds from ./Modules/console/cmds/ for examples.